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QT 4.8.2 за Symbian

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QT 4.8.2 за Symbian Empty QT 4.8.2 за Symbian

Писане by ivo777 Сря 19 Сеп - 5:57

Страхатни новини за всички Symbian потребители - QT 4.8.2 е вече факт!

Qt 4.8.2 and Visual Studio Add-In 1.1.11 has been released by Nokia. New version of Qt involves approximately 150 improvements and error corrections over the previous 4.8.1 release.

Check the official changelog after break.
Qt is a cross-platform application andUI framework for developing once, and deploying across Windows, Mac, Linux/X11, embedded Linux, Symbian, MeeGo and more without rewriting the source code.
Official Changelogs
Qt 4.8.2 Changelog:
*. Over 100 functional improvements
*. WebKit updated to version 2.2.2
*. libpng updated to version 1.5.10
*. Thirty improvements to documentation and tools.

Ето и детайлен преглед на всички промени в QT 4.8.2:


Changes 4.8.2
Product: Qt
Version: 4.8.2

Qt 4.8.2 is a bug-fix release. It maintains both forward and backward
compatibility (source and binary) with Qt 4.8.0. For more details,
refer to the online documentation included in this distribution. The
documentation is also available online:


The Qt version 4.8 series is binary compatible with the 4.7.x series.
Applications compiled for 4.7 will continue to run with 4.8.

Some of the changes listed in this file include issue tracking numbers
corresponding to tasks in the Qt Bug Tracker or the Merge Request queue
of the public source repository.

Qt Bug Tracker: http://bugreports.qt-project.org
Merge Request: http://codereview.qt-project.org

* General *

General Improvements
- Webkit version updated to 2.2.2 including a Denial of Service fix on Windows

* Library *

 - Hang on to the correct screen index in QWidget
 - Removed invalid assert in BMP loader code [QTBUG-24505]
 - Fixed compiler warnings about unused q and d pointers (QTableView & QTextControlPrivate)
 - Fix bug showing folder icons for files
 - The scaling should not effect the width of a cosmetic pen [QTBUG-25006]
 - Fix QListWidget scrolling with keys when there are hidden items [QTBUG-21804]
 - Made qt_accStripAmp handle "&&" (qaccessiblewidget.cpp)
 - Plug memory leak when gestures are grabbed but never triggered [QTBUG-25011]
 - Disconnect slots from the old sourcemodel in QIdentityProxyModel
 - Use QPointer to store accessible object (Widgets\Itemviews)
 - Fixes a regression; missing cursor blink when input mask is set [QTBUG-7174]
 - Do not send QEvent::AccessibilityPrepare [QTBUG-25240]
 - Accessibility: send cursor move updates (qplaintextedit.cpp)
 - Fix memory leak when drawing text in non-common script (qtextengine.cpp)
 - Fixed crash in QImage in out of memory condition
 - Only send progress bar updates when visible
 - Use parentheses in statement with && and ||
 - Accessible interface for QPlainTextEdit
 - Fix crashes in QAccessibleTree::navigate
 - Fix out of bounds use of QVector API [QTBUG-24965, QTBUG-25140]
 - widgets/qpa: Fix painting to a fully transparent top level widget [QTBUG-24526]
 - Add out-of-memory checks to QImage [ou1cimx1#994957]

 - Make sure QGlobalNetworkProxy is created for QNetworkProxy
 - Fix bug in qsslsocket peek() [QTBUG-18498]
 - Fix performance problem with NTLM auth in http POST (ou1cimx1#985786)
 - Try to read the last CRLF when chunked encoding is used [QTBUG-19480, QTBUG-20924]
 - Call wait() after calling quit() so that it can gracefully finish [QTBUG-24594]
 - Close the channel if bytesAvailable and nothing piplined [QTBUG-24875]
 - Fix build with QT_NO_WARNING_OUTPUT [QTBUG-25308]
 - Moved qmljs_debug_arguments to QCoreApplication
 - QHttpNetworkConnectionChannel: Warn if bytesAvailable and no reply [QTBUG-9315]
 - Improved detection of libcrypto and libssl [QTBUG-25398]

 - Fixes mismatching delete operator (QWindowsLocalCodec)
 - Support changing locales at runtime in QPA plugins
 - Optimise QFile::seek that doesn't move the file pointer
 - Fix q_atomic_decrement for 64-bit Solaris [QTBUG-24470]
 - Fixes potential memory leak in qtextcodec.cpp
 - TGA imageformat: fix broken canRead plugin function [QTBUG-24201]
 - Fix IPv6 address returned from QUrl::host

 - Finish cleaning up com.trolltech -> org.qtproject in QtDBus [QTBUG-23274]
 - Update com.trolltech -> org.qtproject in the bootstrapped tools [QTBUG-23274]
 - Fix annotation processing for qtTypeName

 - Updated WebKit to 2.2.2

 - Improve type detection for query results [QTBUG-22038]
 - Fix for memory leak in 64 bit ODBC driver's call to SQLGetStmtAttr() [QTBUG-25256]
 - QSqlQueryModel::fetchMore() documentation fix

 - Fix QDeclarativeItem::hasActiveFocus() [QTBUG-24681]
 - Doc Fix- a QML MouseArea Elelment can accept 5 buttons

 - Off-by-one-line error in QVGPaintEngine::drawImage

- Harfbuzz GPOS hinting- do not consider a subtable to be invalid if it is just empty
- Harfbuzz-thai - fix buffer overflow when setting item attributes
- Fixed MSVC2011 build (changes in JavaScriptCore & CLucene)
- Upgrading libpng: Adding clean copy of libpng 1.5.10
- Upgrading libpng: Patches to libpng 1.5.10 for Qt usage
- gcc 4.7.0 compatibility fix for javascript
- Reduce virtual address space use by JavaScriptCore on Symbian [ou1cimx1#993804]

* Platform Specific Changes *

Qt for Linux/X11
 - Fix compiling qvfb on Linux/X11 [QTBUG-19804]
 - Use value of LANG if LC_TIME is empty [QTBUG-24912]
 - Find libssl on linux using paths of loaded libraries [QTBUG-24694]
 - Fix handling for key repeat events in the QPA linux input plugin
 - Do not redefine QT_SOCKLEN_T in freebsd-g++'s mkspec
 - Remove the freebsd-g++34 mkspec
 - Do not define QT_AOUT_UNDERSCORE in freebsd-g++'s mkspec
 - mkspecs: Sync freebsd-g++40 and freebsd-g++
 - mkspecs: Rename freebsd-g++40 to freebsd-g++46
 - directfb: Use QPlatformPixmap::fromFile for Qt resources

Qt for Windows
 - Windows - fix QWindowsSystemProxy global static race [QTBUG-15765]
 - Windows - fix proxy types for manually specified proxies [QTBUG-10502]
 - Windows - handle proxy autoconfiguration resulting in no proxy
 - Windows - fall back on static proxy config if autoproxy fails [QTBUG-10428]
 - Fix a number of bugs with windows system proxies
 - Windows - handle both auto detect proxy settings together [QTBUG-13957, QTBUG-10238]
 - Widget created with type to Qt::ToolTip should have a drop shadow [QTBUG-13276]
 - Windows - "bypass proxy for local..." also affects IP addresses

Qt for Mac OS X
 - Fixed a possible crash in Qt Cocoa [QTBUG-24334]
 - Ensure that the IME composition is handled correctly on Mac [QTBUG-25107]
 - Fix initial size of QMainWindow with unified title and toolbar on Mac [QTBUG-24423]
 - Fixes crashes and memory leak in QMacPixmapData [QTBUG-24709, QTBUG-24710, QTBUG-24711]
 - Update QSettings and Mac OS X documentation with App Store information [QTBUG-16549]

Qt for Solaris
 - Fix q_atomic_decrement for 64-bit Solaris [QTBUG-24470]

Qt for Symbian
 - Crash in Symbian text codec creation without CleanupStack
 - Removing Symbian fast allocator implementation
 - Symbian: drop OpenGL ES in non-supported hardware [ou1cimx1#987609]
 - Give QThread threads better names on Symbian [QTBUG-24950]
 - Fix window focusing problem in Symbian [ou1cimx1#989756]
 - Symbian: avoid crash when inline editing is canceled [ou1cimx1#983695]
 - Add new QSysInfo::symbianVersion() enums
 - Symbian: absent changed exports in symbian def-files
 - Fix QThread start failure due to bad thread name on Symbian [ou1cimx1#996187]
 - Symbian: fix symbian deffiles

Qt for Embedded Windows
 - WEC7 build fix - use ptrdiff_t from std namespace [QTBUG-22502]
 - Fix corelib build for WEC7
 - Fixed networkproxy build under WinCE

Qt for RTOS
 - Fixes codecs.pri to reflect new QNX mkspec name
 - Fix platforms.pro to match new qnx mkspec name
 - Use QSocketNotifier instead of sleeping in an endless loop
 - BlackBerry Plugin: support 8 mouse buttons, instead of just 3 (QTBUG-24682)
 - mkspecs: don't forget to add 'qnx' when building for x86
 - Fixed wrong iconv_open call under QNX
 - Silence warnings about va_list mangling for QNX toolchain
 - Use main thread event loop for navigator event processing (Blackberry)
 - Make QNX virtual keyboard handling main event loop driven
 - Blackberry mkspecs (BlackBerry-only devices)
 - Fix scopes on iconv related pro/pri files (QNX-based platforms)
 - Support QDesktopServices on BlackBerry platforms
 - Move handling of rotation changes from event handler to screen (BlackBerry)
 - Fix clang warning (qdirectpainter_qws.h)
 - Fix signed/unsigned warnings (QWS)
 - Fix compilation when QT_NO_CURSOR is defined
 - QWS: Add support for HomeLocation and TempLocation
 - Enable stack smashing protection on Blackberry platforms
 - Refactor navigator event handling (BlackBerry)
 - Do not force OpenGL sample buffers on in the qnx qpa plugin
 - Integrate Blackberry Platform Services (BPS) with Qt event loop
* Tools *

 - Backported linux-g++-maemo mkspec changes from Qt5
 - Disable the use of sed on native MingGW
 - qmake: fix default value for C++ optimization in vcxproj files [QTBUG-23421]
 - qmake vcxproj generator: properly escape XML attributes [QTBUG-24954]
 - qmake vc(x)project generator: fix VC++ Express detection [QTBUG-24956]
 - qmake vcproj generator: unused variable removed (msvc_objectmodel.cpp)
 - qmake: QMakeProject::intValue added
 - qmake vcxproj generator: fix handling of /MANIFEST:NO linker option [QTBUG-23513]
 - qmake/Win: fix incomplete generated version resource [QTBUG-23218]
 - qmake vc(x)proj generator: don't create bogus directories [QTBUG-22788]
 - fix static library names when generating .pc files for pkgconfig

 - Handle -sysroot option in configure script
 - Remove bizarre magic from precompiled header (configure_pch.h)
 - Add missing errno.h include (environment.cpp)
 - Build with QT_NO_GEOM_VARIANT
 - Properly enable stl via qmake instead of hacking compiler flags
 - Remove pointless include paths
 - Compile without rtti
 - Rebuild configure
 - Revamp reading of bootstrap variables

  - Fix symbol visibility warnings when building uic3 [QTBUG-23035]

 - Update the footer for qdoc output for qt-project
 - Fix generating the qdoc3 manual in 4.8
 - Update the links in the titlebar of Online HTML template
 - QDoc: Remove the text around previous and next page links
 - docs: fix conflicting resource file names
 - Add icons for previous and next page
 - qdoc: Disambiguate prev and next links in html source
 - doc: use hooks introduced to qdoc for correct prev/next disambiguation
 - docs: more tweaks to offline style

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QT 4.8.2 за Symbian Empty Re: QT 4.8.2 за Symbian

Писане by mirdgo Сря 19 Сеп - 8:34

Какво е това как се инсталира?


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QT 4.8.2 за Symbian Empty Re: QT 4.8.2 за Symbian

Писане by plamenmr Сря 19 Сеп - 13:30

По какъв начин можем да обновим до тази версия?

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QT 4.8.2 за Symbian Empty Re: QT 4.8.2 за Symbian

Писане by blutut Сря 19 Сеп - 19:15

Никой нищо не каза по въпроса кога ще можем и ние да се възползваме?Дали ще можем да обновим библиотеките?

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QT 4.8.2 за Symbian Empty Re: QT 4.8.2 за Symbian

Писане by SoulSurvivor Сря 19 Сеп - 20:44

Да бе, стига да излезе ъпдейт от нокия...всичко е възможно.
Глобален Модератор
Глобален Модератор

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QT 4.8.2 за Symbian Empty Re: QT 4.8.2 за Symbian

Писане by Sponsored content

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