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JoikuSpot 3.2

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JoikuSpot 3.2 Empty JoikuSpot 3.2

Писане by ivo777 Нед 18 Дек - 19:59

JoikuSpot 3.2 ProductImagePremium

3.2 Edition started shipping now!

Turn your phone into WiFi HotSpot
Compatible with most any Nokia smartphone

Secure your WiFi HotSpot from unwanted users
Connect as many WiFi devices as you like to internet via your HotSpot
Use full internet, intranet and email via your HotSpot
Save money by replacing USB modems and extra data subscriptions with phone WiFi HotSpot, and enjoy the phone 3G for high speed internet
JoikuSpot simply works and is easy to use. Millions of users already JoikuSpotting

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